Message from Ahontoays Band President Melinda Gopher

Welcome to our Crime Page, this page is started under our sovereign tribal authority to create awareness of the need for PUBLIC SAFETY to be free from the effects of drugs, fraud and identity theft that impacts the health and well being of our citizens!

The Ahontoays Band (petitioner #172) government is hitting back hard against crime. In particular, our community has been very negatively impacted by the presence of organized drug dealers operating in the states of Washington and Montana, encompassing several tribal and urban communities in Montana


All tips are confidential, and tips leading to the conviction of these featured persons listed below are subject to a CASH reward!

Instructions:  email your information to the band, and the band will follow-up with a request for information, allow time for response.  The band is working with the Helena office of the FBI on leads.



MIKE GOPHER, CONVICTED SEX OFFENDER.... Mike frequently travels out of Montana without proper notification of Montana DoJ officials, and spends part of his year in the State of Washington, without properly registering with the SVOR officials in that state.  He may be actively pushing drugs around Montana and Washington.  Aliases:  Clarence Gopher, Matika Many Guns.  (Pictured below)

ERNESTINE GOPHER, Spokane Wa--She is often the driver for Mike Gopher and is frequently seen in and around powwows that consist of the bulk of her drug sales.

LEONA GOPHER, (below) of Wapato, Washington:  She is suspected of being one of the ring leaders, and bases her operation near the Yakima Indian Reservation.  The Ahontoays Band is also collecting information on Leona, Ernestine and Brenda Gopher as to the role of the women in the death and disappearance of James Many White Horses in May 2008, and the finding of his body in September 2008.

PHYLLIS PARKER, Center-Pink Poncho--BOX ELDER, MT:  Parker is a white collar criminal, the Ahontoays Band is working with tribal counsel to convict Phyllis of perjury, subornation to perjury, theft and embezzlement, criminal conversion, and felony stalking.  Other criminal activity is suspected.

NEAL DUBOIS, Great Falls attorney (tie, arm around Parker).  The Ahontoays Band is pursuing Dubois before the Montana State Bar on ethics and criminal allegations and the Office of Disciplinary Counsel.  The Ahontoays Band is alleging criminal fraud against Dubois.  Dubois falsely claimed to be representing the Ahontoays Band in three year litigation in Cascade County for which he now faces criminal and civil proceedings.  The band is also seeking subornation to perjury charges against Dubois.




STEFONE FUENTES, Spokane WA.  Nephew to Marcus Red Thunder.

Here is is on line dossier:

Recently acquitted for the shooting death of a Spokane rapper, Red Thunder-Fuentes has an extensive criminal record, and is a member of the Crips gang, according to the Spokane Police Department and Washington state officials.

NOT PICTURED:  Marcus Red Thunder, Maggie Red Thunder, Tanisha Rattler.  Any information leading to the arrest and conviction of these and other members of the Red Thunder family is subject to a cash reward.

NOT PICTURED:  GERALD BOLAND, Great Falls.  The Ahontoays Band is alleging theft, embezzlement, fraud, and conspiracy to commit fraud against this Cascade County employee.  Any information leading to the arrest and conviction of Gerald Boland is subject to a cash reward.