The Ahontoays Band is focusing on ending the flag litigation by what we view as fraudulent claimants who are concealing their past as the Bear Claw Tribe, Inc., and have caused three years of interference and lost economic opportunities suffered by our band government, and the Gopher family.

The great, great grandfather of the Gopher clan:  Chippewa Chief \
Big Rock, the lawful successor to Chief Rocky Boy:
with Charles M. Russell, Frank Linderman
and Great Falls local dignitaries, 1916. 

We have continued on the path of development in spite of the intensely destructive challenge of what the band council perceives by the Mike Gopher, Marcus Red Thunder,and Phyllis Parker effort to interfere and obstruct our economic advancement of the band using clean development of the 13 star flag, through the formation of a media company, and other ventures that focus on the significance of the flag.

The band, who are the Gopher family, had intended to create a private express family trust to preserve the flag as the flag has never had legal title established, this was the intention of the family so that it could continue to be preserved and protected.  Mike Gopher engaged in a 20 year pattern of frustrating the family's efforts, and in a pending civil suit against him, the facts will be laid out in detail--it is in the hands of the band and family law team at the present time.

The family has opened up support on the East Coast to obtain artistic, institutional and financial support to conserve this nationally significant artifact, and has made significant outreach into the art and fashion world of New York City.

To this end, the Band continues to work to develop and cultivate such key ties to people such as David Detuna, an internationally celebrated artist.  In addition, the Gopher women are working with their contacts to develop a proposed collection to fashion icon Ralph Lauren.  This presents exciting opportunities to take the lore of the band and its history to the world in a branded and socially conscious effort.

The Gopher clan owns the Gopher Family Corp., the 13 Star Flag Co., registered with the Ahontoays Band.The band has formed a movie production company to begin pursuing financing of the story of the iconic flag. The band, led by Ms. Gopher, have a trilogy of 120 minute feature films valued at 600 million or more, as finished products over the next ten years.  Melinda Gopher is supervising the screenwriting, having completed a screenplay of her own in 2008.  The Gopher clan will reinvest their profits in financing Native American developed and owned media proejects in future years.

Clean energy:  the Gopher family in partnership with members of the Blackfeet Indian Nation are forming solar energy ventures and are seeking capital and investment and are lining up key consultancy in this effort. The family seeks socially and environmentally responsible development.